Single-Family Homes

Single-family homes (detached / semi-detached homes) by definition are structures sitting on a private plot of land, situated mostly in a rural area or in designated urban regions.

The planning of plumbing systems in a single-family home is inseparable from the other systems of the structures. The comprehensive systemic approach of our firm is manifested in planning the highest-level of professional plumbing systems, while providing engineering solutions for the entire structure. It starts in the early stages of planning, paying high attention to the strength of the structure, the architectural design and the client’s requirements. Our purpose in planning plumbing system in single-family homes is to create high-quality and durable systems that will serve all our needs for proper use for many years. The concept behind our approach is that the building of a single-family home is an important stage in our life.

In order to facilitate, as much as possible, the work of our client opposite the plumbing consultant, over the years, we have developed and implemented the latest technologies in order to provide solutions for any engineering complexity that we might encounter. The main goal in building single-family homes is to create and plan healthy and comfortable plumbing systems that will be user-friendly and work as an integral part of the building, minimizing damage to natural resources and the environment.

The work process opposite the plumbing engineer is divided into two main stages:

First Stage:
Sanitary plumbing appendix for permit.

Preparing a sanitary plumbing appendix based on the local committee’s requirements, highlights and standards of the authority. Submitting the appendix and receiving approvals for permit.

Second Stage:

  • Preparing work plans, a stage consisting of several main sub-stages as well.
  • Initial review: These plans are designated for an initial coordination between the other consultants in the project and the beginning of the work.
  • Principle approval: Plans for approval are designated in order to confirm and coordinate between the various consultants in the project.
  • Tender: Detailed plans for a tender that include quantities list, technical specification etc.
  • These plans serve for inviting contractors to bid in order to find the best professional for you.
  • Execution: These plans are the final plans for the plumbing systems (sewer, water, drainage etc.).
  • The plans are designated for the professional staff (contractors, construction inspectors etc.) for best performance of the work on the construction site.


This stage is designated in order to supervise the work in the construction site, protect the client’s interests and to make sure that the work is performed according to the original plan and without deviations, using materials that meet the requirements of the standard, including inspection of the system’s functioning.

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