Green Construction

Green building is currently considered as a comprehensive approach in the design of buildings in order to conserve energy and water and for better use of the natural resources.
This process starts and is being implemented early in the planning stage until the actual execution stage.

Our offices believe in the green building trend that is developing over the years.

We allocate multiple resources to search for new technologies, new products and new work techniques in order to provide effective solutions for saving on energy and natural resources.

The planning and usage of natural resources is done in the following ways:

  • Runoff for irrigation and groundwater intrusion
  • Use of water saving devices
  • Design of systems for reuse of greywater
  • Design of systems for reuse of air-conditioner water
  • Use of renewable energy sources and solar energy – water heating by solar energy

Our goal in designing green buildings is the creation of healthy and comfortable living environment, while minimizing damage to natural resources and the quality of environment.

בניה ירוקה

We believe in the green building trend that is developing over the years

Green Construction Projects

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