Fire Extinguishing Systems

Fire extinguishing systems require planning in specific structures due to particularly high-risk levels or an interest to protect valuable equipment.

Designing a fire extinguishing system is crucial both for protecting the safety of people staying in the building and the safety of dangerous substances stored in it.

Our main goal in designing these systems is protecting the public, private and business space when necessary. The design in our offices is conducted in compliance with the strictest standards and under strict control of work on site, the American NFPA Standard, the 1596 Israeli Standard and the directions of the Fire & Rescue Commissioner.

Fire extinguishing systems currently available:

Sprinklers are automatic fire extinguishing systems. The sprinklers systems are designated to prevent the spread of fire and extinguish the fire by spraying water or other fire extinguishing material. The system is built from a network of water pipes and sprayers that provide full coverage of the building or required areas.

The water supply may be direct from the municipal system, as long as the network is reliable and compatible in terms of capacity and pressure. If not, it will be required to plan a private water reservoir, capable of providing the amount of water in accordance with the definition of risk.

Gas extinguishing system:
Gas extinguishing system is usually designed to protect equipment during a fire. The system floods the space it protects with gaswhich smothers the fire. The advantage is to prevent damage to property. Therefore, Gas extinguishing system is installed in server rooms, archives etc.

The design in our offices is conducted in compliance with the strictest standards

Fire Extinguishing Systems Projects

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